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were; and others, as Mr. Munn himself had done, lifted their
eyes toward the obscurity of the ceiling. The first kind were
nervous, and they would wet the lips with the tongue before
they began to repeat the words of the oath. Mr. Munn tried
to recall whether or not he himself had wet his lips that way.
He had not been nervous, he decided. He had really felt
nothing, nothing at all, when he stood out there in the middle
of the floor in the full beam of the light. That was what
surprised him. A man was due to feel something out there,
taking the oath. Then he began to think how the taking of
the oath changed the relation of all those men to each other
there beside him in the dark. The oath had said, God our
Creator. He wondered how many of those men believed in
God. And then if he himself did. It had been a long time
since he had thought of that, he remembered. The man
who was, at that moment, taking the oath finished, and at
the command, advanced to join the group in the shadow.

A minute later the door opened, and a man entered, a tall
man, and stood there in the full beam of light. The man was
Bunk Trevelyan.